The Ontonagon Artist Collective is a newly formed Non-Profit ( Sept 2022) that has big ideas how we can fulfill our mission to build a beautiful, vibrant AND thriving community. We believe the adage that money follows art.  Our goal is to provide more artistic opportunities to Ontonagon and its nearby communities knowing that economic development will be enhanced by our efforts.  But we can not do it without YOU! Wondering how you can help?



Have some time on your hands?  We need both! We would love to have you join our organization as a Volunteer Member. What is a volunteer member you ask? It is the “boots on the ground” person. Think of working the front lines of an event or perhaps “behind the scenes” is more your style of helping, we need them all! All talents are appreciated!

Sign up today!



We are actively looking for artistic people that would be willing to join our directory of Artists.

Are you ?

  • Interested in showing your juried works of art in our gallery?
  • Are you interested in teaching classes in our community?
  • Are you interested in doing live demonstrations to show how you “do what you do”?

We would love to have you as an Artist Member in our organization! Sign up today!



Not everyone have the time or talents to make an organization grow but we know that dollars and cents can!

Do you ?

  • Enjoy the arts?
  • Want to support a Community effort?
  • Value what art can do for a community?

We are a 501c3 organization and we pledge to you that we will be transparent and honest in how we spend your donation. Carefully using it to best grow our organization through development of programs that best serve our community.  If this is something that you could help us in growing the arts in Ontonagon, join our organization as a Patron Member. Donate today!